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Clint's VK2ACM Audio Site

Homebrew Microphone EQ Amplifier

Second Tower & Construction September 2007
Homebrew EQ Microphone Amp
Porta - A - Shack
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Existing Shack & A4S @ 40'

Below is my completed EQ AMP project which was housed in a MFJ mic / tnc switch box, the push button switches the circuit in or out. Since then I have reinstalled it in a different enclosure allowing me additional room for future advancements.

Completed view of the EQAMP.

The sound file below was recorded by Carl KB5WMY on 10m live, I really appreciate all the work that he put into the wav file it truly shows the difference with the unit on and off with usual band conditions....Thank You Carl

Click here for sample sound file.

Above is my Eqamp that I built in a MFJ mic tnc switch housing it certainly does work well on hf,vhf. I hope that you enjoy building your project as it will improve your transmitted audio when it's all completed.
Thankyou for visiting my web pages and have fun....Good Luck es 73 de Clint VK2ACM.

Shreveport, La

Please click on this link to the finished product site. Thank You for visiting my site...Clint VK2ACM