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Second Tower & Construction September 2007

Second Tower & Construction September 2007
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Porta - A - Shack
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Existing Shack & A4S @ 40'

Below are some pictures of the hard work that went into the second Tower location, Rohn 25G up to 60'. I want to Thank Robert KG5YK , Rick K5VXT , Damon KE5GYM , My Wife Donna for all the work they put into this project.
With good friends and an understanding Wife this project would not have begun.
A great job and alot of hard work paid off.

17 Meter 5 Element Monobander @ 60'
Looking up the tower at the monobander.

View of the 17 meter modified TET HB35T @ 30' temporary location.

Above is the temporary location I had until the main tower was completed.
I have had many contacts with this antenna and it has worked  like a champ.
The reports I receive are outstanding and I really am very happy with this modified HB35T TET antenna.

The pictures below show the amount of work and planning to complete the installation.

Damon KE5GYM one of the crew hard at work

Clint VK2ACM & Rick K5VXT

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Robert taking the guy posts to do additional work

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Below is the new shack.

The finished bracing on the base

The above base is 3 X 3 X 3 feet. It will be for the redesigned 5 element 17 meter monobander.

The picture above shows the rebar bracing that was done before the pour.

The completed base poured on September 24th, 2007

Below is one of the posts that Robert KG5YK had done some excellent welding for me, not only working on the top of the posts Robert even welded some steel brackets at the bottom of the posts to better seat itself into the cement.

Above one of the support posts.

Please click on this link to the finished product site. Thank You for visiting my site...Clint VK2ACM