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Second Tower & Construction September 2007
Homebrew EQ Microphone Amp
Porta - A - Shack
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Existing Shack & A4S @ 40'

G'Day Mate And Welcome To My Website .....


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Thankyou for visiting my website,i have supplied the article from a 1989 QST magazine.I found it to be a great benefit to ham's that want to improve their audio,the article was written by Doug Demaw W1FB.
I hope that you enjoy reading the article and enjoy building the circuit.

The first test done on air was conducted with K5VXT, K5SRZ and K5SL  all reports proved to be of an advantage and a major difference with the amp inline,minor adjustments were made to suit my voice and the ALC of the radio, the amp can be powered by the radio's mic input 8vdc or by an external power supply or internal 9V battery.The project took about one hour to construct and fully functional in about two hours, I hope that you have fun building this project....Good Luck...73 De Clint VK2ACM


Please click on the picture for a larger image ...Tnx for the visit...73 de Clint VK2ACM.

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Above is the schematic of the microphone amplifier please note DO NOT INSTALL R1 If you are using a dynamic microphone it is only used when you are going to use an electret microphone insert,(See note on page 2)
Click on the Far Circuits link below to order a board or you can etch your own pcb.

The parts link below is in PDF format, please view with Adobe Reader.


Far Circuits

Page 3

73 De Clint VK2ACM

Disclaimer as this is a project that I have constructed and I am using at present, I do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to any equiptment.

Please click on this link to the finished product site. Thank You for visiting my site...Clint VK2ACM